Laundry Tips from the Experts

Not all fabrics are created equal. Some fabrics need special handling. This is why, when buying clothes, make sure to check the label carefully so you’ll know how to take care of them. Here are some pieces of advice from the best dry cleaners in Dubai.

Clean your clothes properly and regularly

Experts say that you can wear pants and suit jackets twice, but should be freshened each time. Dress and shirts should only be worn once. You can wear sweaters three times before you properly wash them. By cleaning your clothes regularly, you ensure that small stains and problems don’t become a big mess. It’s also important that you sort clothes and wash them in separate loads.

Don’t use too much detergent and bleach

laundry-tips-from-the-expertsProperly pre-treating the clothes, agitation, temperature and the immediate treatment of the items are the secrets to nicely washed clothes. A tablespoon of detergent is enough. Too much detergent, especially if it’s a strong one, may ruin the fabric of some clothes.  When removing stains, you can use bleach. Take note, however, that bleach removes the colour of the spot, not the spot itself. If you are not confident in handling such problem, better go to a dry cleaner than risk ruining your clothing. Make sure you segregate light-coloured clothes from dark-coloured ones.

Keep the zippers closed

Make sure to zip the zippers to prevent them from snagging the other items in the load. This should also be done with Velcro or other hoop-and-hook fasteners as they can ruin the material of the other items in the load. It’s also wise not to put delicate clothes and items with too much embellishment in a single load as the delicate fabric might get ruined.

Use tennis balls and hang the items dry

When drying bulky items like blankets or comforters, throw in several tennis balls in the load to evenly distribute the filling throughout the item after the completion of the load. The best way to dry the clothes and other items is to hang dry them. Doing it prevents shrinkage. You can hang the garments from a rod to air dry them.

Know that there are stains that are hard to remove and may require an expert in laundry from Silicon Oasis. Dry cleaning experts are well-versed in the chemistry of fabric and detergent. It is only in their hands that you can rest assured that your favourite clothes are properly taken care of.