From Blogging to Defending Clients

Being in the blogging industry for quite a long time exposed me to a lot of different people. From all walks of life, if they may say, I have met them all. Mostly, bloggers of lifestyle and makeup stuff, sometimes professional business people who look for media partners and a lot more. But there’s this one blogger that I will always remember because we met at a job fair event coverage which is a first time for me and most especially because she is an inspiration I ever thought I needed that time.


laws-in-dubaiI used to just blog about anything under the sun, I call my blog a random blog until that memorable day that I met this person. Althea, as what she told me to call her, is a freelance blogger like me who utilizes our love for writing and uses it to help in our day to day expenses. We blog, yes, but what differs her style is that she focuses in a certain niche. Fate must have brought us to each other’s company back then for I only got invited to cover the event at the last minute.


Being a first-timer in job fair event coverage, Althea accompanied me and introduced me the essential points to take note of. Along with the photo ops and jotting down of notes, she shared some things about herself. This is the part where I find her inspiring like what I have mentioned. While I try all my might to keep things about me private in a new acquaintance, she loves to tell stories in between our event coverage. I guess she just really is that outgoing type of person. Normally I would be annoyed at such kind of person but her stories are far from just blabbering, she tells her story to inspire. That I am, that is why I am also sharing it now.


Althea was a working student when we first met. She was studying law at a prestigious university. The moment I knew that she was a law student, I already got intimidated. But as she shared further, I found out that she wanted to be a lawyer because that was her late father’s profession as well and that her parents did not force her to take this path. She wanted this because she saw how many people her father have helped while when he was still alive and still seeing those people whom his father have helped made her want to continue his steps. As for her, being a lawyer is being someone’s reliable companion the moment event their relatives would take their backs on them. Being a lawyer is being brave enough to defend someone who needed it. I really felt how she wanted to be a lawyer by the way she talked. We parted ways and I never heard of her for quite some time until today, when I stumbled upon a blogger friend’s inquiry in a forum regarding some law-related issue. And there I found Althea’s reply to the inquiry. I messaged her and she remembered me. Even online, she still sounded very informative. She even shared more information regarding what she shared on the forum even though I was not the one who asked. Click Here for the said topic. Meanwhile, she said that she aspires to be working with lawyers in Dubai that’s why she will be flying there soon. From a working-student blogger to a soon-to-be lawyer. Hard work indeed pays off at the right time.