Fighting Data Degradation: Is It Possible?

Data degradation slowly happens over time as your storage device is used. Though often related with bit rot, data degradation, which is also called data rot, is different because bit rot means slow data decay even if nothing has changed in the software.

Just like all things, data that is old may be compromised and altered. With smaller devices now promising a bigger storage capacity, there’s an increased risk of data decay. This may affect disks, disk controllers, and even high-level systems you use in your business. Data degradation usually happens because of the medium where the data is stored, however. Make sure your IT support company in UAE does the following to combat both data and bit rot:

Reprogram Your Solid-State Storage Media

Solid-state drives and flash memory storage store information using electrical charges. This is also where their vulnerability to data rot comes from. Improperly insulated storage media may affect electrical charges and alter the stored data, not the chip itself. IT service companies in Dubai can help keep your data in good state by reprogramming the media every decade or so. However, this requires using the master data, which may be hard to find after a long time.

Periodically Refresh and Rewrite Magnetic Media

Magnetic media, as the name suggests, use magnetic charges, and over time, data may lose their magnetic orientation. This calls for a data refresh or rewrite. IT experts also recommend against storing the media in warm and humid conditions, which may easily degrade the material used in fabricating the device.

Store Optical Media Properly

All kinds of optical media should be stored in a dark, cool place to prevent any extensive damage on the storage material. This is particularly important in CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, and BD-Rs. You may also choose archival quality discs, but there’s no guarantee that they will not be prone to data decay. Another option is to use M-DISC and other media that aim to improve the longevity of optical storage devices.

As technological advancements become more complicated, storage devices become more compact. This is good in terms of physical storage, but some compromises have been made to reach that smaller size. Data degradation is something every company using an IT system should be aware of. There’s no escaping it as it gradually happens, but you can prepare for IT migration to a newer, less vulnerable system, or follow all the precautions to protect your system for as long as you can.