Extra-curricular Activities for Students’ Holistic Growth

With the growing demands for skilled and competent employees, students in all levels are now more stressed than their parents were during childhood. Children these days are exposed to strict study schedules, piano lessons, and even tutorial sessions with a dedicated stay-at-home tutor. With laptops and tablets from school, kids are also carrying heavier bags every day.

dubai-private-schoolsAren’t you worried about your children? Have you thought of how you and their school demand more from them each day? While it’s true that they’re exposed to more homework, they also have different activities that foster their holistic development. If you’re wondering about extra-curricular activities that you can suggest for your child, here are five options that most Dubai private schools may offer.

Quiz Bees and Competitions

Practical applications allow students to test the various theories that they learn in the classroom. While memorization may be common in educational institutions worldwide, participation in quiz bees and competitions also develop your child’s willingness to win while learning. Since math, science, or even spelling quiz bees are often done in small teams, your child is also exposed to compromise, discussion, negotiation, and other essential social skills at an early age. This also builds their confidence in group settings.

Arts and Design

While careers in finance and the sciences are lucrative, fostering your child’s interests in arts and design can also be beneficial. In a world focused on money, it’s refreshing to see arts that break barriers. If your child wants to go to painting, sculpture, or even music classes, support them and even ask for similar extra-curricular activities in school. Their superb and well-practiced artistic skills may even bring them to greater heights.


As most adults would say, travelling is one of the best ways to gain new experience in the world. After all, there are millions of people you can meet in the thousands of big cities and small towns around the globe. Traveling with his or her classmates also allows your child to conquer his or her own fears, fostering a sense of independence that he or she will need in the adult life.

Social Immersion           

In relation to leisurely travels, social immersion can also be a good way to expose your children to the realities of the world. Though not all schools allow their students to stay with people from different sociocultural and economic backgrounds, there may be educators who are open to this idea. When your child sees how other people live, he or she will be more conscious of the resources that your family freely enjoys at home. This develops empathy and a sense of responsibility as well.

Literary Adventures

Trips to the library often bring great results to students of any age. After all, reading books is also a good way to see the world without much travel costs. In schools like arcadia.sch.ae, students are encouraged to read and thus develop their imagination. Support your child if he or she wants to be a writer someday.

These extra-curricular activities hone essential aspects in your child’s development. Ask his or her teacher about these to further support your child.