8 Arabic Words/Phrases with No Exact English Translation

english-translationLet’s admit it. Some words in a certain language have no English comparable such as these eight Arabic words. But of course, a proficient English translation Dubai company can break the language barrier to explain their meanings. Here’s our take on them.

  1. Ala Rasi (على راسي)

Arabs use this phrase to generously respond to someone who asks a favor or demands something.  In English, it’s like saying “Yup, anything for you.”

  1. Na’eeman (نعيماً)

This word is often used to complement Arabs who just shaved, took a shower or had a haircut. It is said to appreciate the person for looking neat.

  1. Ghalayteelee Albi (غليتيلي قلبي)

This phrase is a bit poetic. If you will translate the words, it would result to “you make my heart boil.” But for Arabs, it actually means “you made me worry.”

  1. Baklek bala mileh (باكلك بلا ملح)

This phrase is usually said to appreciate people or food. For children or loved ones, it’s a joyful way of saying “You’re so adorable!” As for food, this phrase means “The food is too good I can eat it without salt.”

  1. Kol Sana Wa Enta Salem/Enti Salmeh (كل سنة ونت سالم)

The meaning of this phrase is related to wishing someone “a peaceful and a safe year ahead.” Arabs usually say this to someone who celebrates his/her birthday. You would also hear it during religious holidays like Eid, Easter and Ramadan.

  1. Ma tjeeb seerti ‘Aa Sinak (ما تجيب سيرتي ع لسانك)

This phrase literally means “Don’t bring my story on your tongue” which in English is something more like “Don’t talk about me.” If you would notice, tangible items are often used by Arabs in their phrases or words to describe or express how they feel.

  1. Wafaret/Wafarti (وفرت)

This word is said as a response to a person who refuses something offered to him/her. Its meaning is somehow related to “Fine, you don’t want it? That’s a gain for me, and it saved me the bother anyway.” You would hear it from older Arabs since the term is not commonly used by the youth or generation Y.

  1. To’oborni (تقبرني)

This word literally translates to “You bury me” which for Arabs is a great expression of love. It’s like saying “I love you so much that I would rather die and be buried than lose you.”

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