5 Ways to Find Jobs in Dubai and other Middle Eastern Cities

Are you an unsatisfied millennial who wants to move to another country for work? Are you a middle-aged professional who wants to work and live in the Middle East until you retire? As a premier business hub in the Middle East, Dubai offers a wide range of job opportunities for both locals and foreigners. There’s the oil, infrastructure, and finance industries to choose from, and there’s also the blue-collar jobs for workers who want to experience staying in the Middle East for a few years.

If you’re interested in working in Dubai for myriad reasons, here are five helpful ways to find a job that will benefit you the most.

Prepare Your Resume

Before doing anything else, spend time to update and polish your resume. No matter how long your career is or how many projects you’ve worked on, include only the highlights and keep everything within two pages. Make sure the details stand out, but don’t be too text heavy that the recruiters will just throw your resume away out of frustration. Proofread your resume or ask a trusted friend to be the other pair of eyes. You don’t want even the tiniest typographical error in your resume especially if you want to work as a teacher, writer, or office administrator.

Ask Manpower Consultancy Firms

Once you’ve updated your resume, you can consult a manpower consultancy in Dubai for job openings. Most companies these days partner with these firms to find better candidates and make sure there’s a standard in hiring future employees. You can send emails to these experienced consultants to inquire about job opportunities that will fit your background. Go ahead and send them your updated resume when they respond positively to your inquiry.

Check the Company Websites

On the other hand, if you want to be a direct hire of any company in any industry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other city, go to that company’s website and check their career page for details. While you can go to website of a consultancy firms to get faster responses, you can try your luck and apply directly to your chosen Dubai company. That company’s own human resource staff checks the website for applicants like you, after all.

Ask a Friend

If seeking the help of consultancy firms and applying directly to the company websites don’t work for you, perhaps you can ask a friend who’s already in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to refer you for any job opening in their own company. There are referral bonuses in most companies, too, so both you and your friend can benefit from your career move.

Consult Your Family

Should you be discouraged because of delayed responses from these work channels, you can always spend time with your family and ask them for advice. They know your goals and experience, so perhaps they also know what’s best for you if you happen to be undecided about your career.

Make sure you prepare the details and become emotionally, financially, and mentally ready should you decide to move to Dubai for several years of work.