2017 BMW 5-Series


A Peek into the Future: 2017 BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is the meeting place of design, luxury, and functionality. Combining superior automobile engineering with a smooth, angular stance and flexible driving modes, the 5 Series seeks to offer the best driving experience possible, while still having ample space in the boot for practical daily use. Available in the sedan, touring, and 5-door hatchback variants, the 5 Series is more than a mere vehicle – it is an automotive experience that cannot translate itself into words. With the 2017 BMW 5 Series coming next year, here are some things that can be expected from the newest versions:

Same Familiar Comfort, Improved Performance on the Road

The 5 Series has always been about delivering the optimal driver experience. On days when you just want a smooth cruise on your way back home, the 5 Series can easily deliver. Using the same dual ball joint short-long arm suspension, the car offers a comfortable ride when you want to take it easy. On the other days when you feel like running across the country backroads, the new 5 Series can feel nimble and quick on its feet, with its weight reduced by 100kg compared to the previous model.

To allow for better grip on the road, the new model is also lowered by a few millimetres as well, giving it a lower centre of gravity. Sophisticated suspension biasing systems allow the driver to opt for better control or comfort, which means drivers can tailor the ride experience according to their mood. If you do not feel like choosing, an innovative ‘adaptive’ setting lets the car do the choosing for you.

Future-grade On-board Tech

Advanced driver-assist technology makes the new series an incredibly satisfying cruiser. Long drives are made much easier with the adaptive cruise control, which allows the driver to automatically command the car to follow the vehicle in front of it at a set distance. Steering assistance technology uses built-in sensors to keep the vehicle in lane on highways at high speeds, while the Speed Limit Info system built into the dashboard allows the driver to keep track of the maximum speed limit on the dash console.

Spacious Interiors and World-Class Design

Borrowing from the interior of the 7 Series, the 5 Series features a slightly scaled down version that incorporates high quality materials with meticulous German precision and design. Legroom will not be an issue, as the newer version features a roomier interior as compared to the previous model. Furthermore, the new version has a bigger, more practical boot that can comfortably fit your golf clubs or groceries. The dashboard is clearly designed to cater to the comforts and needs of the driver, incorporating ergonomics with a clean and futuristic feel accentuated by the advanced electronics.

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