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6 Priceless Benefits of Installing CCTV Cameras

CCTV-camera-benfetitsOutfitting your home or commercial property with a reliable surveillance system offers many benefits. Though the price of surveillance cameras may lean toward the expensive, numerous users worldwide would agree the system is worth its every cost. Here are the top 6 priceless benefits of having a CCTV system:


  1. Prevention of unwanted activities
    Experts say the installation of CCTV cameras can help deter unauthorised access and activities related to crime. This is especially the case for cameras that offer high-resolution images and clear audio. Knowing that a certain property or space is being monitored helps prevent people from doing something risky.
  2. Protection of property and assets
    CCTV companies in UAE will tell you that CCTVs are a main element in any security system. By ensuring the perimeter of your residential or commercial space is secured, it helps increase the security level of property and assets. You can be sure to keep an eye on your property on a 24/7 basis. This is valuable for retail stores because they can monitor the activities of their customers and prevent any untoward incident, such as shoplifting or petty thefts.
  3. Preservation of evidence
    In case something happens within your property, you can have a higher chance of resolving the incident with the recordings from your CCTV cameras. These are accepted as a form of evidence in court. It can also help police identify and find culprits. You can go back to the recordings and analyse the time and date, which can help you build a solid case and evidence, if needed.
  4. Protection for your loved ones
    Being able to know that your loved ones are safe and secure, even when you are away from home, is definitely one of the best selling points of cameras. If you’re a working mom, having cameras in your home can give you the ability to monitor how your baby is being taken care of. If you and your family are going on a holiday, you can still keep an eye on your property through remote-controlled CCTV systems.
  5. Peace of mind
    No price can buy you absolute peace of mind. But having a robust surveillance system can give you enough assurance and peace knowing your loved ones and your property are secured. It also gives you the reassurance that, should anything unfavourable happen, you can do something about it. You can at least find the people responsible, or you can even prevent it from happening.

Power over your property
You don’t have to feel helpless because CCTV systems give you a certain level control over your surroundings. If you are away from home, and you see an unidentified person roaming around your property, you can contact your security company to take a better look. Most security companies also have tie-ups with the police, so they can immediately alert the authorities if the need arises. Want to know more about your options when it comes to security cameras? Visit the website of for a start!


Old-School Practices Employers Refuse to Let Go of, But Limit New Gen Creatives

Old-School Practices Employers Refuse to Let Go of, But Limit New Gen CreativesAs startup companies emerge and become more and more successful in their individual industries, they’ve started a company culture of their own. It’s one that may go against the grain and the practices that the more “seasoned” and “traditional” companies may be used to, but it’s generally a culture that allows creatives to blossom and utilize their full potential.

Large companies like Google, Facebook, and several others in the tech world have been known to promote such a free company culture, and even huge agencies in marketing and advertising have caught on the trend. Yet, there are still companies that are resistant to the change, and choose to stick with what they’re used to.

Here are a few old-school practices that may be restricting new generation creatives like writers and designers:

Time cards and strict policies on tardiness

Some companies still make use of traditional timecards, even if biometric attendance systems are already widely available. There’s nothing wrong with a fixed 9-5 schedule, but often for creatives, their best ideas don’t come during those times. Sometimes their best ideas hit them late at night or at an hour outside of the fixed schedule. In many cases, they can’t even get any work done during those hours.

Constraining creatives to that time, instead of giving them a bit of flexibility, may be constraining them. It may be best to allow them some freedom and instead track their attendance with a biometric system. To get one, visit this site.

Cubicles and enclosed spaces

Creatives like to roam around. It’s part of their process. It helps them think. The startup culture accounts for this and provides them with spaces they are free to work, and laptops they can take wherever they go. More traditional companies are still fixated on cubicles and desktop computers that keep employees in one spot for eight hours a day, five days a week, and four weeks a month. The monotony is enough to drive any creative mad.

Uniforms or business attire

It’s normal for some industries to have uniforms and standard business attire, especially if there are situations when employees have to look presentable in front of a client.  This is understandable for bank employees and such. But these days, a lot of corporations, especially in the creative industry, are more lenient regarding this. Clothes are a mode of self-expression, and a casual Friday for the employees never hurt anyone.

These are just some of the things that are still being practiced by a lot of companies. Is your company one of these? Perhaps, a bit of change can help boost your creative departments morale. In the end, you benefit most from their good work.


Practical Benefits of Pushing through Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

fit out contractorsHave you thought of replacing the rusty cabinet doors in your kitchen? Have you considered fixing the leaking sink and maybe also changing those grimy tiles in your kitchen counter? You spend so much time preparing food and sharing meals with your family in the kitchen, so it’s no wonder that this important room will look and feel dilapidated and tired after several years.

You’ve probably considered remodeling your old kitchen but you’re having second thoughts because of the huge costs and the effort involved. After all, where will you cook during renovation? Your fit out contractors Dubai neighbors recommend can help you out with that. They will also tell you about the practical benefits of going ahead with your kitchen remodeling project.

Better Functionality

Let’s go back to those rusty hinges. Imagine how easy it would be to reach for those canned and packed food items in your cabinets if there’s no creaking sound and the cabinet doors close so smoothly. With a hands-free faucet, you can wash those vegetables more efficiently, and you can also wash your own dirty, greasy hands without touching the faucet handle. Imagine how easier this would be for your kids, too.

Fresher Look

You cook well and your family compliments all the great dishes you’ve prepared for them. You appreciate the gesture but you also feel prematurely tired because, while everyone enjoys the meal, you’re already thinking of all the cleaning you will do after you all eat. Wouldn’t it be better for everyone at home to eat in a fresher, cleaner environment? When you replace that yellowing wallpaper with gray and white walls accented by soft greens and yellows, you’ll feel better before and after food preparation.

Safer Space

With all the electronic appliances in the kitchen, it’s no wonder that a lot of accidents and house fires start in it. With a well-planned kitchen renovation, you can fix all the old wires of functioning appliances and maybe replace the old, unreliable ones with their more modern and energy-efficient versions. Newer luxury kitchens dubai homeowners love offer a safer space that you can work in, after all.

More Energy Savings

Speaking of energy efficiency, those modern appliances indeed involve lower energy costs. You can even replace those light bulbs with LED ones to save on your monthly electricity bills. With a lighter, more ventilated kitchen, you will also need to turn on the light only at night. Remodeling your kitchen also increases your home value so you can regain the remodeling costs when you resell your home later.

Sustainability is Key

In relation to green campaigns, sustainability is also essential in remodeling your kitchen. If you noticed that water has become more scarce and expensive in your city, it’s probably because of environmental challenges that worry the world today. You can go for bamboo, engineered countertop finishes, and durable recycled materials for your new kitchen floors. This reduces your carbon footprint and allows you to leave a better world to your children and theirs.

Ask your fit out contractors in Dubai to maximize your budget.

Business Services

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Next Product Promoter

promotion companies in DubaiProduct promotion is not an easy task. A promotional model not only has to look very appealing or pleasing, he or she must be able to possess enough skill set on sales and marketing, public speaking, and of course, on building effective personal and professional relationships.

There are different kinds of promotional work such as products launching, brand campaigns, radio promotion, club promotion, events promotion, and more. The people you see at tv shopping channels are hired on the account of their excellent speaking and marketing skills and the way they carry themselves on recorded media. The people who hand out flyers do not just give flyers away to anybody they see. They still need to quickly assess if the person approaching them has the capability to purchase the product or pay for the service being advertised on the flyers. Their effective judgement skills may contribute to higher sales and increased brand exposure.

In order to get the right people to do the right promotional job, a set of tailored questions need to be asked by the hiring personnel at promotion companies. Here are some interview questions used by one of the promotion companies in Dubai:

  1. Why did you decide to become a promoter?
  2. What previous promotional jobs have you taken that are close to this current job we have?
  3. What was the most difficult and challenging situation you have experienced as a promoter and how did you handle it?
  4. What is your greatest success as a promotional model and how were you able to achieve that success?
  5. Describe a situation wherein you had to work with other promo models on a team task. How did the promo task go?
  6. How do you get yourself updated on the latest news in your industry?
  7. Why is the social media important for you as a product promoter?
  8. How would you handle a difficult situation with your client (e.g. your client is not satisfied with your work)?
  9. What are your hobbies and creative outlet?
  10. If you will have to work for your dream client, dream service or dream product), who or what would it be and why?

These are some of the questions that must be asked to product promoters to gauge their understanding and appreciation of the job as well as to find out their strengths and weaknesses in doing promotional work. Luckily, these questions are also asked by Dubai Hostesses with the website link in developing their promo models pool.


Starting a New Life Abroad

It’s hard to leave your homeland and migrate to a foreign country like Dubai, but sometimes, there lie the opportunities for a better job and a better life. Relocating is never simple, though, and you have to take care of all the logistics to make sure that your international move goes without a hitch.

Here are some noteworthy aspects of the move that may give you clarity and even help you with the major decision making that is to come.

  • It’s possible to relocate your entire family

A lot of migrants start out by having a parent go ahead and find a job and make plans to have the rest of the family follow suit. These plans don’t always push through though, as the family may run into some hurdles and drawbacks. However, it’s entirely possible to relocate your entire family with you later on, or even at the same time as you. If possible, find a company that will be willing to do assist you in this matter. If they really want you to work for them, then they’ll definitely lend you a hand.

  • The help of moving companies go a long way

Ideally, when relocating, you’d leave all your things behind and start fresh. Taking all your old things may be too much of a hassle in both space and transport. Plus, you have to consider the cost of such services. However, in situations that you just have to have your things with you (maybe for sentimental reasons), then the services of international moving companies in UAE will definitely go a long way. They can transport your things without much of a hassle; all you have to do is go ahead with your flight and wait for your items to arrive later. international moving companies

  • Find a good place to move in

Even before you board your flight and migrate, it’s wise to make preparations ahead of time. The first thing on your to-do list would be to find an affordable place to live in. As a migrant, you probably won’t be able to purchase property right away, so it would be good to find a house for rent that’s comfortable, but won’t kill your budget. After all, you’re end goal is to set up a life in that country. In many cases, the employer who hired you will help you sort this out, but in case they don’t, it’s good to have a plan.

Consider these aspects as you make the decision to migrate to a foreign country for work. Remember: make sure you’ll be able to move your entire family; enlist the help of moving companies Dubai; and finally, find an affordable place to live in.


Why You Should do an External Audit Regularly

Audits are performed to analyse existing processes and accounts within an organisation, in order to identify areas of improvement or anomalies within the existing system. This information can then be used to optimise, reform, or introduce processes that will benefit the health and stability of the company. While it may seem like an effort in futility, insofar that all the faults that may be identified have already affected the company in some way, it also presents an opportunity for the business to better itself in the future.

Here are a few reasons why your company should undergo an external audit on a regular basis:

  1. Helps Identify Pain Points

An auditing company can help you determine if there are weak links in your internal financial control. Regular external audits can ensure that the processes you have in place for reporting corporate financial data has the safety and quality controls to prevent mistaken reporting, or worse, fraud. By analysing the paper trail behind a financial report, the processes used to produce the document, and the roles and responsibilities of the individuals involved in the handling of financial data, an external audit can determine whether proper safeguards have been implemented to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data.

  1. Strengthens Credibility

audit firmsA company is able to build credibility through an external audit. Financial statements that are found accurate by audit firms in Abu Dhabi and Dubai appear more credible, which is beneficial if you are considering opening to investors. Additionally, audited financial statements indicate sound financial processes and systems. This helps improve the reputation of the company, especially during the nascent stages of its growth.

  1. Prevents Fraud

Regular external audits reduces the risk of fraud. Due to the intertwining nature of finance, there are often various people involved in sales invoicing, vendor billing, expense report development, and payroll accomplishment. This exposes internal processes to the dangers of fraud. With an external audit, a company has a third, objective set of eyes analysing the books and financial records as well as the processes of the entire finance department. If there are irregularities within the financial documents produced by the internal finance department, then a deeper, more intensive audit could yield more significant results.

  1. Strengthens Your Portfolio

Finally an external audit helps your case, when you are applying for credit, investment money, or a corporate loan. Banks are often more confident to lend money to companies that have good financial health, and this can only be proven through an extensive third party audit.

If you are looking for expert auditing companies who can analyse your financial processes and better your overall financial health, you can visit Here you can find some of the most trusted and reliable auditing companies in the region today. Get a competitive quote for the services you need, from verified experts, and get the best value for your investment.


4 Ways to Find Luxury Cars for Rent in Dubai

Owning a luxury vehicle involves high maintenance costs, taxes, and maybe even risks. However, that doesn’t stop car enthusiasts from aiming to buy their own Mercedes Benz, Porsche, or Ferrari. This is especially true in Dubai where you see more than a handful of these vehicles being driven around by the elite.

If you want to experience the thrill of getting behind the wheels of a Maserati without the accompanying ownership costs, why not go ahead and rent one just for the feel of it? Here are four ways you can rent one in Dubai.

Ask a Peer

renting-a-sport-car-in-dubaiWith your own network of contacts at work and in your personal life, don’t be surprised if at least one knows a thing or two about renting a sport car in Dubai. After all, you have probably heard about that day of driving around the city from their own stories or from their social media posts. Perhaps he has kept a business card and can even share discounts on certain offers. Go and ask someone you know and maybe you’ll find answers.

Consult Your Mechanic

If you have a trusted mechanic who works on your family or office car, you can also ask him for advice on how to rent rolls royce dubai. You have your network of people of varied interests, and of course your car expert knows a thing or two about renting luxury vehicles in the city. Perhaps his friends from his past work are now employed at a Mercedes Benz dealership. Maybe his own best friend manages the fleet of luxury vehicles in that car store. You’ll get the right answers if you ask your go-to car expert.

Go to Car Shows

Another smart way to find luxury vehicles for rent in the city is to visit car shows that are often up in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other nearby cities. While most of these car shows display the newest, flashiest, and often most expensive luxury vehicles in the market today, maybe you can get a relevant flyer or two about the organizers or participating car brands’ renting business as well. In any case, you will be inspired to drive and maybe someday even to own a sports car from these cars shows.

Find One Online

Thanks to technology, you can also now find luxury vehicles for rent on the Internet. You can check a dealership’s website for details on the requirements and business hours. You can browse the available card by brand, model, make, year, and even color at the comforts of your own home. There’s no need to actually visit the rent-a-car provider if you’re still in the inquiry stage, after all.

With these ways to access luxury vehicles for rent, you can now drive a sports car around the city for whatever purpose you may have in mind.

Cleaning Services


The health and safety of our family is our topmost priority, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that they are in perfect health at all times. We provide them with food that would boost their nourishment and health. cleaning-companies-dubai

But aside from proper nutrition and a balanced diet, we need to guarantee that our environment is safe and free from pollutants. One of the main causes of illnesses is pollutants. Pollutants are everywhere and even the healthiest person can get infected and ill if the pollutants are not contained and exterminated.

To minimize these scary instances, follow these tips to lessen pollutants in your home.

  1. Maintain cleanliness

A clean space is a start to prevent illness at home. Make cleaning an everyday habit in your house. Create a list of cleaning chores that you and your family can do on a daily basis and explain to them the importance of having a sanitary environment. That way, they can understand the purpose behind these tasks. If you don’t have the time to accomplish your cleaning chores, enlist the help of a trusted cleaning service provider. There are a lot of cleaning companies Dubai operators that can help you with your home cleaning.

  1. Pay special attention to your linens

Bed sheets, pillow cases, towels and other linen can house oil, dirt, dust mites and thousands of bacteria that can cause acne, allergies, and airborne diseases. Make it a habit to wash and replace them. According to Dr. Robert Oexman of Sleep to Live Institute, beddings should be replaced every six months to avoid build-up of pollutants. As an extra precaution, regularly wash your linens and disinfect them at all times.

  1. Wash your hands at all times

Germs and bacteria are practically everywhere, which makes transmission easy. Minimize and prevent transmission by regularly washing your hands. Make sure to use anti-bacterial soaps. Be mindful of how you wash your hand. Be sure to wash it thoroughly and use a disposable towel to dry them.

  1. Do not forget your air system

Dirty air systems are one of the culprits behind airborne diseases such as colds and flu. Have your home air conditioners cleaned and maintained properly. You can do this by yourself or you can employ air duct cleaning in yachts companies to help clean your AC and ventilation system. And to improve the level of humidity in your home, invest in a good air purifier.

  1. Kill bacteria by UV

One of the emerging technologies in house cleaning is the use of ultra violet lights. Look for the germicidal type of UV lights. This type of UV light can help inactivate germs and microorganisms and help decrease their numbers substantially.

Making your home germ-free might take extras work. But the benefits of having a clean and spotless home is the assurance that your loved ones are healthy, making the extra effort worth it.


Laundry Tips from the Experts

Not all fabrics are created equal. Some fabrics need special handling. This is why, when buying clothes, make sure to check the label carefully so you’ll know how to take care of them. Here are some pieces of advice from the best dry cleaners in Dubai.

Clean your clothes properly and regularly

Experts say that you can wear pants and suit jackets twice, but should be freshened each time. Dress and shirts should only be worn once. You can wear sweaters three times before you properly wash them. By cleaning your clothes regularly, you ensure that small stains and problems don’t become a big mess. It’s also important that you sort clothes and wash them in separate loads.

Don’t use too much detergent and bleach

laundry-tips-from-the-expertsProperly pre-treating the clothes, agitation, temperature and the immediate treatment of the items are the secrets to nicely washed clothes. A tablespoon of detergent is enough. Too much detergent, especially if it’s a strong one, may ruin the fabric of some clothes.  When removing stains, you can use bleach. Take note, however, that bleach removes the colour of the spot, not the spot itself. If you are not confident in handling such problem, better go to a dry cleaner than risk ruining your clothing. Make sure you segregate light-coloured clothes from dark-coloured ones.

Keep the zippers closed

Make sure to zip the zippers to prevent them from snagging the other items in the load. This should also be done with Velcro or other hoop-and-hook fasteners as they can ruin the material of the other items in the load. It’s also wise not to put delicate clothes and items with too much embellishment in a single load as the delicate fabric might get ruined.

Use tennis balls and hang the items dry

When drying bulky items like blankets or comforters, throw in several tennis balls in the load to evenly distribute the filling throughout the item after the completion of the load. The best way to dry the clothes and other items is to hang dry them. Doing it prevents shrinkage. You can hang the garments from a rod to air dry them.

Know that there are stains that are hard to remove and may require an expert in laundry from Silicon Oasis. Dry cleaning experts are well-versed in the chemistry of fabric and detergent. It is only in their hands that you can rest assured that your favourite clothes are properly taken care of.


5 Ways to Find Jobs in Dubai and other Middle Eastern Cities

Are you an unsatisfied millennial who wants to move to another country for work? Are you a middle-aged professional who wants to work and live in the Middle East until you retire? As a premier business hub in the Middle East, Dubai offers a wide range of job opportunities for both locals and foreigners. There’s the oil, infrastructure, and finance industries to choose from, and there’s also the blue-collar jobs for workers who want to experience staying in the Middle East for a few years.

If you’re interested in working in Dubai for myriad reasons, here are five helpful ways to find a job that will benefit you the most.

Prepare Your Resume

Before doing anything else, spend time to update and polish your resume. No matter how long your career is or how many projects you’ve worked on, include only the highlights and keep everything within two pages. Make sure the details stand out, but don’t be too text heavy that the recruiters will just throw your resume away out of frustration. Proofread your resume or ask a trusted friend to be the other pair of eyes. You don’t want even the tiniest typographical error in your resume especially if you want to work as a teacher, writer, or office administrator.

Ask Manpower Consultancy Firms

Once you’ve updated your resume, you can consult a manpower consultancy in Dubai for job openings. Most companies these days partner with these firms to find better candidates and make sure there’s a standard in hiring future employees. You can send emails to these experienced consultants to inquire about job opportunities that will fit your background. Go ahead and send them your updated resume when they respond positively to your inquiry.

Check the Company Websites

On the other hand, if you want to be a direct hire of any company in any industry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other city, go to that company’s website and check their career page for details. While you can go to website of a consultancy firms to get faster responses, you can try your luck and apply directly to your chosen Dubai company. That company’s own human resource staff checks the website for applicants like you, after all.

Ask a Friend

If seeking the help of consultancy firms and applying directly to the company websites don’t work for you, perhaps you can ask a friend who’s already in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to refer you for any job opening in their own company. There are referral bonuses in most companies, too, so both you and your friend can benefit from your career move.

Consult Your Family

Should you be discouraged because of delayed responses from these work channels, you can always spend time with your family and ask them for advice. They know your goals and experience, so perhaps they also know what’s best for you if you happen to be undecided about your career.

Make sure you prepare the details and become emotionally, financially, and mentally ready should you decide to move to Dubai for several years of work.


Fighting Data Degradation: Is It Possible?

Data degradation slowly happens over time as your storage device is used. Though often related with bit rot, data degradation, which is also called data rot, is different because bit rot means slow data decay even if nothing has changed in the software.

Just like all things, data that is old may be compromised and altered. With smaller devices now promising a bigger storage capacity, there’s an increased risk of data decay. This may affect disks, disk controllers, and even high-level systems you use in your business. Data degradation usually happens because of the medium where the data is stored, however. Make sure your IT support company in UAE does the following to combat both data and bit rot:

Reprogram Your Solid-State Storage Media

Solid-state drives and flash memory storage store information using electrical charges. This is also where their vulnerability to data rot comes from. Improperly insulated storage media may affect electrical charges and alter the stored data, not the chip itself. IT service companies in Dubai can help keep your data in good state by reprogramming the media every decade or so. However, this requires using the master data, which may be hard to find after a long time.

Periodically Refresh and Rewrite Magnetic Media

Magnetic media, as the name suggests, use magnetic charges, and over time, data may lose their magnetic orientation. This calls for a data refresh or rewrite. IT experts also recommend against storing the media in warm and humid conditions, which may easily degrade the material used in fabricating the device.

Store Optical Media Properly

All kinds of optical media should be stored in a dark, cool place to prevent any extensive damage on the storage material. This is particularly important in CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, and BD-Rs. You may also choose archival quality discs, but there’s no guarantee that they will not be prone to data decay. Another option is to use M-DISC and other media that aim to improve the longevity of optical storage devices.

As technological advancements become more complicated, storage devices become more compact. This is good in terms of physical storage, but some compromises have been made to reach that smaller size. Data degradation is something every company using an IT system should be aware of. There’s no escaping it as it gradually happens, but you can prepare for IT migration to a newer, less vulnerable system, or follow all the precautions to protect your system for as long as you can.


Dubai – A Destination for Newlyweds

The opulence of Dubai is incomparable, and its uniqueness is what exactly makes the city a romantic destination for newlyweds. There’s a lot of places to explore and many more things to try at every corner of this opulent city. The only limit is your imagination.

marina-yacht-rentalsEvery couple would want to have a special honeymoon — it is, after all, the only time a newlywed can be alone after all the festivities. So, the big question is, “How will you make your Dubai honeymoon escapade sweet and special?

You don’t have to worry about ideas — from yacht charter companies in dubai to overnight safari camps, there’s certainly one or two you can put on your list:

Enjoy the Safari View on a Hot Air Balloon

A magic carpet ride? You got it — only it’s not a magic carpet, but a hot air balloon. A hot air balloon ride serves as your very own magical ride over the desert safari. It’s a rare experience that couples often take when they visit Dubai, so why not grab the chance and be like Aladdin and Jasmine?

Shop for Something New

Dubai’s extravagant malls and marketplaces offer the perfect location to shop for items any newlywed would need. There’s the Dubai Mall, which is located near the famous Burj Khalifa. You can even head over to the local marketplaces and get great bargains for fragrances, hand-woven fabrics, and many more items.

Enjoy the Ocean

Dubai is not just a shopping destination. It also boasts of spectacular beaches and crystal clear waters. To enjoy a private beach adventure, you can rent a charter yacht in Dubai for a day, enjoy the cool waters, and even go fishing. Afterwards, you can have a quiet picnic by the beach and enjoy the great waterfront in the city.

Experience an Extreme Adventure

For adrenaline seekers, Dubai is not one to disappoint. The city offers a range of activities that will get your heart pumping, such as wake boarding and cage snorkeling. Dubai is also famous for skydiving — in fact, it’s a serious sport. You can fly over the cityscape, admire the view, and experience a new thrill with your significant other.

Dubai is definitely a city that will keep you on edge and offer you more than just an extravagant honeymoon — it’s a place where you can enjoy every new moment in life with your loved one. So, what are you waiting for? Get into your honeymoon planning and make sure to include the suggestions above.


From Blogging to Defending Clients

Being in the blogging industry for quite a long time exposed me to a lot of different people. From all walks of life, if they may say, I have met them all. Mostly, bloggers of lifestyle and makeup stuff, sometimes professional business people who look for media partners and a lot more. But there’s this one blogger that I will always remember because we met at a job fair event coverage which is a first time for me and most especially because she is an inspiration I ever thought I needed that time.


laws-in-dubaiI used to just blog about anything under the sun, I call my blog a random blog until that memorable day that I met this person. Althea, as what she told me to call her, is a freelance blogger like me who utilizes our love for writing and uses it to help in our day to day expenses. We blog, yes, but what differs her style is that she focuses in a certain niche. Fate must have brought us to each other’s company back then for I only got invited to cover the event at the last minute.


Being a first-timer in job fair event coverage, Althea accompanied me and introduced me the essential points to take note of. Along with the photo ops and jotting down of notes, she shared some things about herself. This is the part where I find her inspiring like what I have mentioned. While I try all my might to keep things about me private in a new acquaintance, she loves to tell stories in between our event coverage. I guess she just really is that outgoing type of person. Normally I would be annoyed at such kind of person but her stories are far from just blabbering, she tells her story to inspire. That I am, that is why I am also sharing it now.


Althea was a working student when we first met. She was studying law at a prestigious university. The moment I knew that she was a law student, I already got intimidated. But as she shared further, I found out that she wanted to be a lawyer because that was her late father’s profession as well and that her parents did not force her to take this path. She wanted this because she saw how many people her father have helped while when he was still alive and still seeing those people whom his father have helped made her want to continue his steps. As for her, being a lawyer is being someone’s reliable companion the moment event their relatives would take their backs on them. Being a lawyer is being brave enough to defend someone who needed it. I really felt how she wanted to be a lawyer by the way she talked. We parted ways and I never heard of her for quite some time until today, when I stumbled upon a blogger friend’s inquiry in a forum regarding some law-related issue. And there I found Althea’s reply to the inquiry. I messaged her and she remembered me. Even online, she still sounded very informative. She even shared more information regarding what she shared on the forum even though I was not the one who asked. Click Here for the said topic. Meanwhile, she said that she aspires to be working with lawyers in Dubai that’s why she will be flying there soon. From a working-student blogger to a soon-to-be lawyer. Hard work indeed pays off at the right time.


Hublot Watches: Tradition Meets Innovation

There are many names on the market when it comes to luxury timepieces. One that stands out is Hublot. Hublot made its way to the top by creating its own identity. It mastered the art of fusing the traditional and the modern. This fusion of elements can be seen in the Hublot collection found in Websitte URL.

The unique blend of tradition and innovation

hublot-watchesThe impressive timepieces from Hublot can be found in its Big Bang watch collection. The release of the Big Bang models back in 2005 was a big hit, that even today, most people think of the Big Bang when they imagine a Hublot watch. The success of the Big Bang prompted Hublot to present the Big Bang exclusively crafted for women in 2008.

Apart from the sporty style watches, Hublot ventured in creating elegant watches. Many Hublot watches in Dubai are proof of the watchmaker’s commitment to elegance. Hublot crafted timepieces that are sleek without losing the vintage feel. Take for instance Hublot’s Classic Fusion Zirconium, its design is simple – nothing wild – yet it never fails to impress watch collectors. The simple design lends elegance to the timepiece, making it a true classic.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Zirconium is made of zirconium, making the watch corrosion resistant. It is self-winding and water resistant. Moreover, it has a chronograph function. The watch has later inserts and Bezel lugs that give it a unique flair. Hublot’s Classic Fusion Zirconium is proof that the watchmaker is a master when it comes to fusing elements.

Hublot’s mastery of blending elements leads them to create the Black Caviar watch, valued at one million dollars. This intricate and sophisticated watch bagged the Best Jewellery Watch prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

Claim to fame

Hublot created the first diving timepiece, the King Power Oceanographic 4000, a watch which is water-resistant up to four thousandmetres. Hublot watchmakers spent almost 2 years of research to create this incredible timepiece. Hublot, once again, amazed the market at the Baselworld 2012 with its $5 Million Big Bang timepiece which consists of over a thousand diamonds.

In the Euro 2012, Hublot was made the Official Timekeeper and Official Watch. It was also the official Timekeeper for two FIFA World Cups. The Geneva-based watchmaker was the exclusive partner with Formula 1 from March 2010 to the end of 2012. It is the Official Watch and the Official Timekeeper of the Miami HEAT. Hublot’s brand ambassadors include NBA star Dwyane Wade and Maria Höfl-Riesch, the double Olympic champion in the Super Combined and Slalom at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. The Jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt – the fastest man of all time – is also its brand ambassador.


Extra-curricular Activities for Students’ Holistic Growth

With the growing demands for skilled and competent employees, students in all levels are now more stressed than their parents were during childhood. Children these days are exposed to strict study schedules, piano lessons, and even tutorial sessions with a dedicated stay-at-home tutor. With laptops and tablets from school, kids are also carrying heavier bags every day.

dubai-private-schoolsAren’t you worried about your children? Have you thought of how you and their school demand more from them each day? While it’s true that they’re exposed to more homework, they also have different activities that foster their holistic development. If you’re wondering about extra-curricular activities that you can suggest for your child, here are five options that most Dubai private schools may offer.

Quiz Bees and Competitions

Practical applications allow students to test the various theories that they learn in the classroom. While memorization may be common in educational institutions worldwide, participation in quiz bees and competitions also develop your child’s willingness to win while learning. Since math, science, or even spelling quiz bees are often done in small teams, your child is also exposed to compromise, discussion, negotiation, and other essential social skills at an early age. This also builds their confidence in group settings.

Arts and Design

While careers in finance and the sciences are lucrative, fostering your child’s interests in arts and design can also be beneficial. In a world focused on money, it’s refreshing to see arts that break barriers. If your child wants to go to painting, sculpture, or even music classes, support them and even ask for similar extra-curricular activities in school. Their superb and well-practiced artistic skills may even bring them to greater heights.


As most adults would say, travelling is one of the best ways to gain new experience in the world. After all, there are millions of people you can meet in the thousands of big cities and small towns around the globe. Traveling with his or her classmates also allows your child to conquer his or her own fears, fostering a sense of independence that he or she will need in the adult life.

Social Immersion           

In relation to leisurely travels, social immersion can also be a good way to expose your children to the realities of the world. Though not all schools allow their students to stay with people from different sociocultural and economic backgrounds, there may be educators who are open to this idea. When your child sees how other people live, he or she will be more conscious of the resources that your family freely enjoys at home. This develops empathy and a sense of responsibility as well.

Literary Adventures

Trips to the library often bring great results to students of any age. After all, reading books is also a good way to see the world without much travel costs. In schools like, students are encouraged to read and thus develop their imagination. Support your child if he or she wants to be a writer someday.

These extra-curricular activities hone essential aspects in your child’s development. Ask his or her teacher about these to further support your child.


8 Arabic Words/Phrases with No Exact English Translation

english-translationLet’s admit it. Some words in a certain language have no English comparable such as these eight Arabic words. But of course, a proficient English translation Dubai company can break the language barrier to explain their meanings. Here’s our take on them.

  1. Ala Rasi (على راسي)

Arabs use this phrase to generously respond to someone who asks a favor or demands something.  In English, it’s like saying “Yup, anything for you.”

  1. Na’eeman (نعيماً)

This word is often used to complement Arabs who just shaved, took a shower or had a haircut. It is said to appreciate the person for looking neat.

  1. Ghalayteelee Albi (غليتيلي قلبي)

This phrase is a bit poetic. If you will translate the words, it would result to “you make my heart boil.” But for Arabs, it actually means “you made me worry.”

  1. Baklek bala mileh (باكلك بلا ملح)

This phrase is usually said to appreciate people or food. For children or loved ones, it’s a joyful way of saying “You’re so adorable!” As for food, this phrase means “The food is too good I can eat it without salt.”

  1. Kol Sana Wa Enta Salem/Enti Salmeh (كل سنة ونت سالم)

The meaning of this phrase is related to wishing someone “a peaceful and a safe year ahead.” Arabs usually say this to someone who celebrates his/her birthday. You would also hear it during religious holidays like Eid, Easter and Ramadan.

  1. Ma tjeeb seerti ‘Aa Sinak (ما تجيب سيرتي ع لسانك)

This phrase literally means “Don’t bring my story on your tongue” which in English is something more like “Don’t talk about me.” If you would notice, tangible items are often used by Arabs in their phrases or words to describe or express how they feel.

  1. Wafaret/Wafarti (وفرت)

This word is said as a response to a person who refuses something offered to him/her. Its meaning is somehow related to “Fine, you don’t want it? That’s a gain for me, and it saved me the bother anyway.” You would hear it from older Arabs since the term is not commonly used by the youth or generation Y.

  1. To’oborni (تقبرني)

This word literally translates to “You bury me” which for Arabs is a great expression of love. It’s like saying “I love you so much that I would rather die and be buried than lose you.”

Do you have other difficult-to-translate Arabic words/phrases in mind? We are a translation agency in Dubai and we can help you convert them to English! Talk to us to for more information.


Kitchen Design Principles: Blending Beauty and Function

A kitchen should be two things: beautiful and functional. To help you achieve that dream kitchen of yours, we’ve listed some kitchen design principles that will help you blend your kitchen’s beauty and function.

Maximize Wasted Space

One of the best ways to maximize the functionality of your kitchen is to is to maximize wasted space. Your wasted kitchen space can make time-consuming extra steps every day. So, always make it a habit to organize all your kitchen items; think about how and where you use them. The key is storing things next to where you use them.

Have Wider Walkways

kitchen-design-dubaiAside from being a venue where you can channel your inner chef, a kitchen is also a gathering place for family, friends, or neighbors who stop by for a visit. So, make sure your kitchen’s walkways are big enough for you to cook and entertain your visitors at the same time.

Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

It’s a must to put your kids’ favorite dishes/snacks on shelves they can easily reach. In addition, you may also put some kid-friendly kitchen tools to make your small chef participate in preparing your family’s meal. Who knows? Cooking may be that one cool activity that will make you even closer to your children.

Include a Message Board

Your message board may be a chalkboard, a whiteboard, or a DIY bulletin board on the wall. You may also add a calendar nearby. This will help you have a record of all your cooking schedule and be more mindful of the recipes of your culinary masterpieces. For sure, kitchen message boards can help a busy cook run a kitchen a little smoother.

Reduce Cleaning Time

Did you know that you are actually reducing your cleaning time by carefully designing your kitchen? For example: 1) a glass refrigerator shelf can trap spills that wire shelves let through, 2) a flush-set or undermount kitchen sink does not come with a crumb-catching rim which you would worry about, and 3) matte finishes do not show as much dirt as their glossy counterparts. Be more critical in designing your kitchen so that you may reduce time and effort in cleaning it.

Incorporate Light Colors in Small Kitchens

Do not use dark color schemes in small kitchens. We all know that dark colors shrink an already small space and make your kitchen look less inviting. To visually expand a tiny kitchen, you may consider incorporating natural light, and some soft shades on your kitchen cabinets.

Consult a Professional Kitchen Designer

Skilled kitchen designers already have professional layouts for various kitchen types and sizes. Expect layouts that make the most out of your space, your priorities, and your budget. Rest assured, professional kitchen designers will make your dream kitchen a reality.

If you are looking for that specific kitchen design UAE residents prefer, please visit this website.


4 Essential Characteristics of Good Office Furniture

In the mad hustle of the modern world, people are spending more time for and at their office instead of at home. Commute time is horrendous for some, and the chronic stress from this lifestyle of rushing costs a lot of time, money, and other resources for people and their companies worldwide.

To address this issue, a lot of companies have started to renovate their offices for the sake of their valued employees. After all, the employees are the heart of a company and it’s in everyone’s best interest to take care of them. One such way is to install good office furniture. Since you’re already spending eight hours a day sitting on an office chair, why not make that chair (and the desk, drawers, and overall setup) comfortable? If you want to check if your office furniture is of quality, here are four essential characteristics you should find.


office-furniture-dubaiA piece of office furniture can be deemed efficient if it can achieve what it’s made for. Is your chair as supportive as your supervisor? Can you lean on your desk like you can lean on your mentor at the office? Is your desk computer as clear as the instructions given by your counterparts based in another side of the globe? Efficient office furniture in sites like should be as reliable as those people.

Economic Value

Efficiency should not cost a lot, too. If you have ergonomic Dubai office furniture, those should not have been too expensive for your facilities department to procure. They should also have been made of high-quality materials, regardless if they’re made of wood, engineered plastic, metal mesh, or a combination of any of those. If your company has allocated a huge chunk of the office budget on furniture, some benefits for employees like you may have already been sacrificed. After all, smart business leaders know how to compromise without sacrificing their employees’ welfare. These are all for you anyway.


Top-level office furniture may be cheap but still be elegant. You don’t have to sacrifice quality materials in exchange for cost savings. Though this may depend on personal preferences, would you really sit on an ergonomic but neon green chair at the office? Company leaders often choose furniture color based on the official colors, so you’re lucky if you have sophisticated brand standards, colors, and even typeface. If you’re proud of your office space in terms of elegance, your company most probably takes care of you enough.

Environment Benefit

As more people demand more raw materials from nature, more trees are cut and more toxic materials are released into the oceans for the sake of efficiency, economic value, and elegance. If your company has a strong stand on environmental issues, be proud that you’re working fir and with them.

Quality office furniture will likely exhibit these qualities. Appreciate your company if your desks and chairs are as good as these. Go to website.


Health, Dental & Medical

The Veneers of the Rich and Mighty

Say what you want about The Donald’s shock of wispy blond hair in that characteristic ‘do and his orange complexion—his white teeth has now made it to the White House.

Of course, the whiteness of his teeth isn’t all natural; there is a certain amount of dental intervention in it, principally what cosmetic dentists in Dubai call ‘veneers’. While the name itself is self-explanatory, veneers are thin shells, made of ceramic, porcelain, or some other material, glued to the outer surface of the teeth. This disguises imperfections, discoloration, or even gaps in the teeth.

dental veneers

While his teeth are arguably ‘too white’ according to some dentists—as it didn’t fit his tan really well—porcelain veneers can do wonders if you want to have the smile of a TV celebrity or an actor without undergoing permanent cosmetic dentistry procedures.

That said, here are some celebrities who had their teeth fixed like Donald Trump:

Mike Tyson

Boxers usually don’t have pretty teeth, but Mike Tyson took it a whole new level with his astronomical teeth gaps and gold caps, his ‘grills’. He later opted for a full cosmetic dentistry procedure, eliminating all but one of his teeth gaps (signature statement? probably), and replaced his gold ones with an actual veneer.

Morgan Freeman

Back when he still wasn’t God, Morgan Freeman had front gaps in his teeth as well. In addition, his teeth yellowed as he age, making it a bit difficult to show him while he enunciates his lines in that dreamy, deep drawl. Solution? Cosmetic dentistry. While sources differ on where and when he did it, Mr Freeman had his teeth whitened, gaps fixed, and veneers put on.

Hilary Duff

The former child star first underwent her cosmetic dentistry treatment in 2005 when she was 18—a set of porcelain veneers that an emergency dentist clipped on her teeth. This was a result of a chipped tooth during a particularly animated performance. Critics, however, lambasted this set, saying it looks fake and not at all proportional to her face.

3 years later, in 2008, Ms Duff had her veneers revisited. Now she sports a better set (or better teeth, in general)—whiter, more proportional, and probably even stronger.

Tom Cruise

One of the most popular in this list—his smile is one of the most familiar in the world. But did you know that Tom Cruise’s smile isn’t always that perfect? He had not begun to ask for a cosmetic dentist’s help until he was 39; in fact, when he attended the premiere of Minority Report in 2002, he was still wearing a tooth-coloured bracket! Fast forward 14 years and an estimated $30,000 later, his smile is so distinct you could recognise it a mile away.

There is actual historical reason veneers were called ‘Hollywood smile’, but the simplest is because even Hollywood stars use it. For a more local take on this treatment, visit a Jumeirah dental clinic for your options.


Middle East Online Payment Methods


Know the Benefits: Types of Middle East Online Payment Methods

The Middle East is quickly developing into a digital-forward marketplace, as more people begin to adopt digital online payment methods to accomplish their daily wants and needs. While approximately 50 per cent of payments for online purchases were still done by cash on delivery as of 2015, there are countries in the Middle East and North Africa that are slowly adopting online payment methods for their purchases.

According to research, majority of purchases and online transactions in South Africa were paid with credit or check card. Another rising market is Morocco, online credit card payments are growing in market share, even though cash on delivery is still the most preferred mode of payment.

In addition to using credit cards, another mode of payment that is gaining public usage and acceptance in the MENA region is mobile phone payments. In Africa, this is compounded by the fact that there are very few banking machines available, while mobile phones are proliferating across communities. Kenya leads the region in the usage and adoption of this online payment method, with over 66 per cent of the local population opting to use mobile payment for online transactions in 2015. The market share of mobile payment also grew at triple-digit rates in Nigeria throughout the same period.

As payment methods become more diversified across the region, it is helpful to take note of the benefits of each one to determine which suits your needs.

Using Debit Cards

  • Convenience – allows customers the convenience of not having to carry cash
  • Widespread acceptance – most merchants accept debit card payments
  • Prevents overspending – your spending is limited to the amount you have in your debit card account
  • Immediately available for most checking and savings accounts – no more lengthy application period

Using Mobile Phones

  • Versatility – could be used as a digital wallet, storing coupons, vouchers, loyalty points, and credits
  • Record keeping – easily keep extensive history of purchases, without worrying about losing receipts
  • Security – does not use the same security credentials for every purchase, making in-person credit card fraud more difficult
  • Combining accounts – allows you to pool resources from different bank accounts

Using Credit Cards

  • Cash back benefits – offers the opportunity to give 1 to 5 per cent cash back on purchases
  • Frequent flyer miles – lets you earn flyer miles for every dollar spent
  • Safety – does not take any money from your account in the case of a credit card fraud
  • Widespread acceptance – most merchants accept credit card payments

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