Kitchen Design Principles: Blending Beauty and Function

A kitchen should be two things: beautiful and functional. To help you achieve that dream kitchen of yours, we’ve listed some kitchen design principles that will help you blend your kitchen’s beauty and function.

Maximize Wasted Space

One of the best ways to maximize the functionality of your kitchen is to is to maximize wasted space. Your wasted kitchen space can make time-consuming extra steps every day. So, always make it a habit to organize all your kitchen items; think about how and where you use them. The key is storing things next to where you use them.

Have Wider Walkways

kitchen-design-dubaiAside from being a venue where you can channel your inner chef, a kitchen is also a gathering place for family, friends, or neighbors who stop by for a visit. So, make sure your kitchen’s walkways are big enough for you to cook and entertain your visitors at the same time.

Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

It’s a must to put your kids’ favorite dishes/snacks on shelves they can easily reach. In addition, you may also put some kid-friendly kitchen tools to make your small chef participate in preparing your family’s meal. Who knows? Cooking may be that one cool activity that will make you even closer to your children.

Include a Message Board

Your message board may be a chalkboard, a whiteboard, or a DIY bulletin board on the wall. You may also add a calendar nearby. This will help you have a record of all your cooking schedule and be more mindful of the recipes of your culinary masterpieces. For sure, kitchen message boards can help a busy cook run a kitchen a little smoother.

Reduce Cleaning Time

Did you know that you are actually reducing your cleaning time by carefully designing your kitchen? For example: 1) a glass refrigerator shelf can trap spills that wire shelves let through, 2) a flush-set or undermount kitchen sink does not come with a crumb-catching rim which you would worry about, and 3) matte finishes do not show as much dirt as their glossy counterparts. Be more critical in designing your kitchen so that you may reduce time and effort in cleaning it.

Incorporate Light Colors in Small Kitchens

Do not use dark color schemes in small kitchens. We all know that dark colors shrink an already small space and make your kitchen look less inviting. To visually expand a tiny kitchen, you may consider incorporating natural light, and some soft shades on your kitchen cabinets.

Consult a Professional Kitchen Designer

Skilled kitchen designers already have professional layouts for various kitchen types and sizes. Expect layouts that make the most out of your space, your priorities, and your budget. Rest assured, professional kitchen designers will make your dream kitchen a reality.

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