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Reasons why voice overs are so important

voice over recording studiosWe have all heard voice overs all our lives. From the voice selling shampoo on the radio of the voice of Daffy Duck – they are all voiceovers. If anything, these play a significant role in evoking emotions and getting messages across. To be honest, there is no way at all that the media would have the same impact that it does today had there not been voice overs.

What are they?

For those who don’t know, voice overs are basically a production technique in which a voice that is not even part of the production process is used to deliver ‘voice’ for a particular part or character. This procedure is rather common when it comes to films, television and radio etc. On the whole, companies actually take on the services offered by voice artists so that these can be performed at voice over recording studios. However, these artists play no other role as such in the production process.


The different techniques involved

  1. Character voices

Voice overs are particularly used to give ‘voice’ or more of a personality to an animated character. Need an example? Think about any well-known Disney movie and you will know what we are saying. The fact of the matter is that every character you see on the screen is actually a person making the voice come alive behind the scenes with a microphone. Considering the fact that animated movies have attained immense popularity over the years, more and more artists are interested in doing voice overs for them.

  1. Non-fiction television and news reporting

Voiceovers are also used as a means of reporting the news. Believe it or not, but a majority of television news broadcasts make use of voice overs along with live anchors who tape segments earlier. Even channels like Discovery and History Channel make use of voiceovers, particularly in cases where the content being delivered has an educational focus. These have also long been used by game shows as a means of announcing winners and prizes for contestants.

  1. Narration in movies

Voiceovers are also used in order to provide narration to movies. For the role that this plays in terms of evoking interest and emotions in viewers, voiceovers happen to be one of the most critical aspects of a good movie. Voice overs are further used in movies to provide a bit more context to the viewers. Feel free to visit our website for more information in this regard.