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Physiotherapy Information Session


Physiotherapy is an area of medicine that seeks to identify the scope and extent of a bodily complication that results in impaired functional movement and persistent discomfort, and consequently addresses the core problem through manual therapy, proper education, and guidance, towards better health. A physiotherapy session is conducted in partnership with the patient, where the latter goes through an array of physical exercises, massage therapy sessions, stretching sequences, and other more advanced treatments. A physiotherapy programme can include the following:

Exercises and movement

One of the foundational philosophies of physiotherapy is the improvement or restoration of range of motion of muscles systems and joints.  In line with this, physiotherapy sessions may incorporate an array of movement and exercise programmes that are designed for improved flexibility and reduced tissue rigidity. While some physiotherapists may insist on having the sequences done under their expert guidance, there are sequences that can be performed at home. Programmes are tailored per the needs of the patient, and gradually increase in intensity over time. Stretches, on the other hand, are done daily, for a specific period.


Massage therapy is performed in varying degrees of pressure, depending on the needs of the patient. This type of treatment involves a specific sequence of hand movements that apply measured pressure on pressure points across the body to ease stiffness in the muscles and joints. This allows for better mobility and range of motion as well as healthier blood flow in the joints.

Aquatic Therapy

These are therapeutic programmes designed to be performed while submerged in warm water. Water creates a unique environment where a patient can perform exercises under minimal pressure, thus allowing for better blood circulation. The buoyant nature of water also helps alleviate stiffness in the muscles and the joints, improving freedom of movement in the process. To supplement the exercises and stretches, water jets and massages may also be used in conjunction, for a more complete therapeutic session.


This type of therapy is more advanced and uses mild electric shocks to encourage nerve activity. Although it involves the use of controlled electric currents, this type of therapy is not painful. Aside from improving nerve activity, it can also accelerate muscle repair while easing away muscle pain. There are two types of electrotherapy today – neuromuscular electrical stimulation and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Depending on the case of each patient, a recovery programme may include one or a combination of these therapeutic treatments to either accelerate the process or achieve the desired results. Before agreeing to a programme, make sure to seek a second opinion and weigh your options carefully.

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