Tips for Finding the Perfect Babysitter for Your Little Ones

Finding the Perfect BabysitterEntrusting your kids to a stranger is hard enough, but the prospect of laboriously searching for a viable candidate who is right for the job only makes it harder. If you are in the throes of finding a reliable babysitter in Dubai, here are a few things you should definitely do:

Ask Everyone You Trust

That includes your family and friends, acquaintances at church and your child’s playschool, your neighbors, and anybody else who has seen your child and knows you personally for recommendations on a suitable candidate. Even better, ask them to refer babysitters they have previously used and found trustworthy and reliable for the job.

Interview the Sitter in Your Home

Once a particular candidate seems apt for your needs over the phone, invite the sitter over to your house. If the baby sitter is underage, ask their parents to join in on the interview. Observe how your child takes to them and how they interact with your kid. If everything goes well, go out of the house for half an hour and have them watch your child. You’ll also want to ask them what kind of emergency training they have received in case of a dilemma.

Ask Questions that Get to the Heart of Things

Most parents ask basic, and seemingly the most relevant, questions, such as if the candidate is a smoker, if they have their own car, their rates, job suitability, and availability. But what you really should be asking is their philosophy on discipline and child care, any emergencies they have encountered in their past jobs and how did they cope with the problem, if they know CPR and other basic medical aid and if not, are they willing to learn, how much experience have they had with kids your child’s age, and if they are drilled in baby sensory in UAE in case you are entrusting them with your toddler.

If you want to glean more insight into their ability, ask them rapid fire scenario-based questions such as, what would you do if the baby refuses to sleep, if your child refuses to obey, if the door bell rang, if they are all alone with the baby and have to go to the bathroom, or if your baby fell out of bed?

Check Their References

The bottom-line is that your candidate needs to be levelheaded, patient, responsible, and good with children. Such qualities can only be assessed after cross-checking their references. Contact Parents who have worked with the candidate before and ask pointed questions, such as the discipline of the babysitter, how they handle crisis, how well did children like them, and if the sitter had a habit of being unavailable on short notice.