Advantages and disadvantages of LED display screens

Advantages and disadvantages of LED display screens

There is no denying the fact that LED display screens came as a revolution in the display screen industry. Before the invention of LED display screens, people had never imagined that there will be a time when they will be able to get a flat display screen. The same factor played a vital role in in converting curved display screens with the flat ones.

Fact of the matter is that LED display screens have completely conquered the market. Although there are also a number of other options available ,but LED display screen manufacturers in UAE claim to hold a much bigger share in the market than all the other technologies together. If truth be told, few of the other options are much better in providing superior display performance still LED display screens successfully attract more and more people towards itself. Let’s find out why LED display screens gained such an immense popularity in a very short span of time in display screen industry.

It is the most economical option available in the market

Of course it makes sense now that why LED display screens are so popular among consumers. LED screens are the cheapest type of HDTV screens that are available in the market today.

LED display screens are energy efficient

Another edge that LED display screens has over its competitors is that these are significantly more energy efficient than any other HDTV display screen.

LED display screens are better in native resolution

More pixels per unit area then other HDTV screens provides LED display screens with a superior native resolution than other HDTV screens in the market. This feature provides it with a sharper picture quality to enhance the experience for viewers.

LED display screens are light in weight

As LED display screens are lighter in weight as compared to other all other HDTV screens other than OLED display screens. This feature effectively increases the convenience of the use, removal and installation process of a LED display screen for any purposes quite easily.

Fact of the matter is that LED display screen has a number of picture quality drawbacks associated with them. For instance, LED display screens are not good at producing black and grey colors. Moreover, there are limited viewing angles in an LED display screen than other HDTV screens. Click for more info to get even better understanding of LED display screens.