4 Recruitment Mistakes That Can Cost You Bigtime

4 Recruitment Mistakes That Can Cost You Bigtime

Scouting and hiring people to join your ranks is not a perfect process. In fact, recruitment is a hit and miss process. On good days, you can easily scout a top candidate to fill a vacant position. But most of the time, it is not the case. The usual scenario would be, employers trying to invite candidates to attend job interviews and months of scouting for applicants.

Since it is rare that you will be able to find an ideal candidate, you need to be sure that you will do the right thing to complete the recruitment process. The best recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi provided a list of recruitment pitfalls to avoid to ensure that filling up your ranks is a little bit stress-free:

  • Rushing the hiring process

This usually happens when a business is looking to fill a vacancy in a rush. But this setup can backfire. There is a chance that you will get the wrong person for the job and this can increase your rate of bad hire percentage. Moreover, it can lead to waste time and resources. Be sure to follow your stringent recruitment process thoroughly. Although I can take up some time, you can guarantee that you are picking the right candidate to fill a post and represent your company.

  • Not having an updated job description

Most companies rely on job descriptions that have been used since the company was founded. But you need to remember that the industry is fast-changing and there are skills that will be considered obsolete and outdated for certain job descriptions. It would be best if you can update your JDs from time to time. This would help you scout candidates that possess the updated skills that you need to get the job done.

  • Foregoing reference checking

Some employers can get a bit lazy and totally forego reference checking just to get the process done. But this step is necessary so you will have a general idea about the attitude of prospective employees based from their previous employers. This would save you from hiring applicants who only look impressive on paper and resumes.

  • Looking for a perfect candidates

Most of the time, recruiters reject potential candidates just because they do not meet a single item on their expectations. But bear in mind that there is no perfect candidate and there will be no perfect employees. You need to hone them in order to be the employee that you want them to be.

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